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Hydrosol Spritzie

Hydrosol Spritzie

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Our lotion’s best friend! This calming natural toner is made by steam distilling plants, botanicals, and barks. A perfect pairing to the Sensitive Skin Lotion, spray this first to prime your skin to better absorb the lotions nutrients or apply anytime to tone, refresh, and soothe the skin.
Bonus: it smells like you entered a rainy forest


Use Guide

Spray freely on face before moisturizing with our lotion or anytime for a nature connection.
 Customers also have used our Hydrosol to relieve itchiness, bites, or to calm skin irritation!


Organic Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile), organic Boswellia (Frankincense), organic Juniperus virginiana (Red Cedar), organic Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas fir)


We are proud to source our hydrosol ingredients from a steam distiller and herbalist based out of BC, Canada. They only harvest their hydrosols once or twice a year in small batches to ensure they are practicing ethical harvesting practices, and providing hydrosols that are at their peak. We will never compromise when it comes to sourcing our ingredients: period. To read more about our ethos and farmers we source from, click here!

Won't Clog Pores
Natural Toner
Sensitive Skin Safe
All Organic
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Key Ingredients


Accelerates healing, tightens pores, gentle/calming toning properties


Can improve skin tone and elasticity, soothes irritated skin.

Red Cedar

Regulates sebum production, natural astringent, guards skin against toxins and pollutants

Douglas Fir

Rich in Beta-pinene to naturally balance, hydrate, cleanse and protect skin.




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