Originally, I really wanted to feature Silja, Phil and Atlis Torres in our Ode to Love month of February. However, I really wanted to have everyone get their own month because I am so smitten by everyone apart of YFE - so this whole month of March is all about the Torres family! I have been following both Silja and Phil for a while, and they never cease to impress, inspire, and swoon me even from afar. 


Silja is one of those women who you see and you are automatically inspired by everything she is, without even needing to know much about her. I haven't gotten the honor of meeting her face to face, but what she emanates even through a screen is groundedness and love.  She is a model, a mama, baker, and the founder of Mormor Goods - an at home bakery that focuses on naturally leavened goods inspired by her scandanavian roots. She has bakery pop-ups and her baked goods, which she features on Instagram, has you mouthwatering and leaves you demanding a recipe book from her ASAP.  Fun fact: Silja loves using Yay for Earth lotion on her burns she gets after baking! It truly is the perfect healer for all things and I use it on my burns too! (Her IG is @silja_torres )


I don't know about you, but I love following people that care for nature in their own special and unique way. Phil Torres is one of those MUST follows because as you are scrolling mindlessly, his posts are that Ah-Ha moment of getting a nature connection and learning something new about our amazing planet.  He is an entomologist, conservationist, photographer and TV host for Discovery's ExpeditionX! He doesn't just present a fact of biodiversity or about another species, but his heart is fully intertwined with what he is showing us which overflows us, the viewers, with that same love! I find that now, more than ever, we need this nature connection to show us all of what is at stake and to understand just how connected we all are to the micro and macro-biomes that we exist within.  (His IG is @phil_torres ) 

With this absolute duo caring about nature, community, and food that feeds the soul, it is with no doubt that we can say Atlis Torres, their sweet girly who is 2 years old, will have the best outlook on our earth and our tummies!
Atlis also really loves our Yay for Earth products, which makes me so happy! 

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