This month will be a three part blog. I asked some pretty incredible people to tell us their favorite way to show themselves and others love! I really enjoy Valentines day so this month is called an 'Ode to Love'. I am not talking about the overconsumption of what the holiday could bring such as the stuffed animals, new gifts, and cards that get thrown away shortly after etc... I am talking about the reminder that love is important - simple as that.
- It could be your self love reminder to take a day and tune into your body and soul. 
- It could be a time to reflect on your partner or your family (children, floof, plant family etc...) and how that being or beings has made an impact on your heart. 

Love looks different with every unique individual so here are some photo chronicles and mini excerpts of how these sweet souls, including myself, love and feel love part one.


MEET SYDNEY AND ALEC! We met Sydney through Yay for Earth. She is a loyal customer of ours and we started chatting via email and Sophie and I were so drawn to her confident, beautiful, and sweet demeanor that we asked her to do some GRWM, and we have been smitten with her ever since. 

Alec and Syd met through music! She is a singer and a mutual friend of theirs introduced them back in 2020. Alec and his housemates are all musicians so they all started jamming together, and came to really enjoy not only playing music together, but also hanging out as friends. It didn't take long for them to realize that they should start a band -  called E 33rd.
 It took even shorter of a time for Alec and Sydney to realize that they were quite smitten with each other, so they started hanging out a part from the blossoming friend group/band to "suss out" their 1-on-1 relationship.

Their first date lasted over 8 hours-- they walked all around town, wandered to a cute little lunch spot, made their way down by the river to saunter along the wooded trails, and eventually back to his house where they still couldn't quite figure out how to say goodbye to one another. After several rounds of banana grams on his front porch, they finally called it a day. They made plans again for the very next day, and the day after that, and have been hanging out ever since. 

Yay for Earth: Syd! What is your favorite way to show yourself love and your favorite way to show others love?
 My favorite way to show myself love is by getting outside and moving my body, whether that’s through yoga, running or a nice long walk somewhere in nature. And the way I most enjoy showing love to others is by preparing and gathering over a nutritious home cooked meal!

Yay for Earth: What is yours and Alec's favorite way to get into nature? 
Sydney:  I'd say our favorite nature place is the James River (or any place where there's moving water honestly). The James River is the heart of our little city (Richmond, VA) and it's where we both are able to entirely bliss out in our own individual ways, but still together. We live a five minute bike ride from the James River Park System, so it has become our quickly-accessible safe-haven away from home. I love to wade in the water, read, and meditate to the lively sounds of nature's song. Alec's personal and professional life revolves around his camera, so he finds his own form of meditation through filming the abundant wildlife of the river's ecosystem. We also love walking and biking the trails/pathways that run adjacent to the James (sunrise and sunset times are the most special, oowee)! 

Thank you both for showing us your love, and we are so honored it can be here on the Yay for Earth blog for us all to admire.

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