I have got to be honest - I believe that there is nothing more fulfilling and truly sacred than the bonds I have with girlies. Throughout my life I have found nothing more special than the time spent basking in the energy of women. I love hanging out with all my friends that are men, I love spending time with my boyfriend, but if I go a few weeks without women - I get depressed and flustered. I just feel like there is this deep knowing of how powerful, dynamic, and cosmic we all are and when we all get together, its like the universe opens up and energy streams like gold through all of us during the time together.
 I say this because I find it so important to express the love we have for each other and some of you may be spending your V-Day with the gals! I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot with the incredible photographer, Alex Beal and we culminated a fun "snow bunnies" theme with me and some friends and it was mostly just us laughing and kissing each other which felt perfect. 
Enter in Chloe, Steffenie, Laurel, and I! 

If anyone has ever gone in the harsher weather whether its skiing, snowboarding or sledding etc... - you MUST know that applying Yay for Earth after is the best treat known to man. It rids you of the redness, wind rashes, and any dryness that one may get from the harsh weather and we were more than happy to slather it after our sledding adventure (which honestly, was more like staying still and pretending to sled, haha).

Anyhow, I will keep this blog short and sweet and instead flood it with all the beautiful photos and the beautiful words that these lovely ladies filled my brain space with when asking them a few questions pertaining to Nature and love.


Sweet Laurel is a beautiful friend I met through Nick. The night I met her she sat next to me and put her head on my lap and I remember thinking "this girl is other worldly". If anyone ever wanted to feel sweetness, love and inspiration immediately, just sit next to Laurel and you will feel it. 
Yay for Earth: 
What is your favorite way to be in nature?
Laurel: Water baby. the creme de la creme is swimming. I love floating and looking at the sky and pretending like I do and don't exist. The feeling of cold water finally reaching the back of my scalp and falling down my neck is the all time alive goodness. I love water because it's immersive and feels like the most I can touch and get touched back by the wild.
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to show yourself love? 
Laurel: Kindness to my ole brain and trying to take her seriously and not seriously at the same time.  We are on this tiny blip of a moment in time and I feel love for me when we laugh about that and keep trying our darndest. I am not one for routines, so the biggest way I show myself love is travel. Taking this cookie on the road, being in new spots and smells, and not knowing what the f@*$ I am doing feels like love.
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to show others love? 
Laurel: Oooooh others. If anyone who I love is reading this I can imagine them laughing, because I may go a little hard in this department.  First thing that comes to mind though is showing up. If a buddy of mine is going through something, I try to get to them as quickly as possible and see what happens. Aside that, cards. Nothing like receiving a card for a very non momentous occasion.


I have talked about Steff in my previous blog - she is a bright light in this world, and we both share a love of experiencing new and beautiful things in this life and for that I am so thankful! Random fact: we dream of having a communal space together in the woods one day.
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to be in Nature?
Steff: Favorite way is being in front of a large body of water. I know this is cliche, but there is something cleansing about staring out at the expanse. If I can be outside, anywhere, when the sun is rising or setting, it always makes me feel calm in the trust of how time turns.
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to show yourself love?
Steff: For me, showing myself love is a daily commitment that doesn't need to be anything big or grand. Things like moments of quiet in the morning while the world wakes up, getting to bed early, and making time to spend time with nourishing people. My alone and creative time is really important to me too, so I make sure to prioritize this to allow myself space to reflect and come back to myself.
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to show others love?
Steff: Food and quality time! I love making and enjoying food with someone because it means that you can access that memory again by recreating a meal. Food has the power to transport you in time and space which is so special. I am also a big one on one quality time gal and always prefer to spend time with a person in an intentional gathering. It is such a simple way to show someone they are loved and cared for!


Ethereal Chloe, where do I possibly start? I met her through Nick, and the moment I met her, I was so captivated by her essence. It is almost as if the most beautiful flower got turned into a woman form, and that is her. She exudes wisdom, light, and a certain bounce that is so refreshing. 
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to be in nature?
Chloe: Counter to the send-it adventure-culture response, I love getting still in nature. Laying on the ground and star gazing, belly down on the sand and listening to the rolling ocean, sitting on a rock somewhere beautiful and eating a snack ha! ... I also love diving under the waves, seeing healthy coral, and hanging around fires with friends. 
Yay for Earth: What is your favorite way to show yourself love?
Chloe:  My favorite wayyy... what a question! Honestly, continuing to cultivate more kindness and softness for myself in the wild, messy and beautiful unfoldings of life. I also LOVE  lathering myself in oil (oh hey Yay for Earth!!), eating chicken wings, and a good late night out dancing. 
Yay for Earth:  What is your favorite way to show others love?
Chloe: Hmmm, showing up for the wild, messy an beautiful unfoldings of life with kindness and softness :). Reflecting peoples beauty back to them. I also love cooking soup and feeding people, giving head rubs, and signing petitions and taking action.

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