Meet the Farmers of Olive Odyssey!

Meet the Farmers of Olive Odyssey!

We're so honored to be able to introduce you to the farmers that make up Olive Odyssey! Located throughout Palestine, these farmers have made preserving some of the worlds oldest olive trees, extraction methods, and history the central part of their practice for generations. Olive oil productions isn't just a livelihood for these farmers; it's a connection to the land, and of the rich heritage that is Palestine. As Palestinians face ongoing displacement and violence from Israeli settlers, the roots of these adored olive tree symbolize their resilience, beauty and resistance. 

Each farmer has their own unique story, but the common thread throughout is love, dedication, and an adoration for Palestine and its sacred land. 

Basheer Elsous 

Basheer pours his heart into his and his family's Rumi olive trees, which they’ve tended to for four generations, each one a living testament to his roots and Palestinian heritage. He uses a steel drum oil extraction method, and his extraction style is a dance between traditional and modern extraction, which reflects the care with which he nurtures these trees, seeing them not just as livelihood but as symbols of unwavering resilience. To Basheer, the olive trees embody a profound connection to his culture's soul. He believes that the knowledge of olive oil should be available to everyone and is always willing to teach his community - turning his knowledge into a beacon of inspiration and weaving a story of love, heritage, and communal strength.
Basheer's trees are located in Beit Jala, which is a town near Bethlehem that's been around for thousands of years, with one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Beit Jala means "land of green carpet" because of its abundance of olive trees, and it's also known by Palestinians around the world for producing some of the finest olive oil. 
Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Beit Jala has been under Israeli occupation. A long lineage of Palestinians had their land blocked off by an illegal extension of Israel's separation wall, making it impossible for Palestinians to reach their olive trees. Even through this, Palestinians have remained resilient in keeping their culture alive, and Basheer is no exception. 

Abed Al-salam Bargouti

Abed Al-salam Bargouti is a third-generation expert who has perfected the art of olive oil extraction, drawing farmers from all over to learn from him. He has created his own unique extraction method, a fusion of tradition and expertise which not only exemplifies craftsmanship but also bears witness to his deep emotional tether to the land. He is committed to producing the best olive oil in Palestine with wisdom passed down from generation to generation. He harvests from organic Rumi olive trees. Abed and his family believe in olive oil’s healing powers and have a deep passion for safeguarding Palestine's revered olive trees, the living emblems of a cherished heritage.
Abed's trees are located in Aboud, which is a Palestinian village in the heart of the West Bank. It is surrounded by natural springs; the lifeblood of the Yarkon River. The village is thousands of years old with stories of the past still standing in relics, caves, and buildings. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Aboud has been under Israeli occupation which includes land confiscation and settlement takeover. In 2018, they seized more land to build a road exclusive to Israeli settlers. Despite these challenges, the people of Aboud remain determined to hold onto their land and their rich traditions. Abed's passion for his craft is inspiring, and you can feel the love he puts into each batch of his meticulously extracted oil. 

Ahmad Nayef Al-Haj

Ahmad is a living legend at 70+ years old. He and his family have cultivated their ancestral olive groves for seven generations! With calloused hands and a weathered face, Ahmad is a master of the land, known throughout town for his timeless dedication to the art of olive farming. His family's expansive estate, passed down through generations, stands as a testament to the enduring commitment to sacred tradition. Located in Abu Snan with the embrace of the Galilean sun, Ahmad tends to his groves, bridging the past and present, embodying the spirit of Abu Snan's agricultural heritage. He uses both steel drum and ancient millstone extraction methods, and harvests from his Nabali olive trees, which are indigenous to Palestine. 
Nestled in the heart of the Galilee region, Abu Snan is a place where history and harmony converge. Ottoman tax registers of 1596 unveil a vibrant community, paying homage to the land with wheat, barley, olive trees, and the hum of daily life. Today, with a population of 14,455, Abu Snan stands as a harmonious blend of faiths - a coexistence of Muslims, Druzes, and Christians. Its olives flourish in the sun-drenched hills, the millstones bear witness to a timeless tradition, crafting an oil that mirrors the spirit of this sacred land.

Marwan Barqaui

Marwan is one of the youngest farmers at Olive Odyssey! He was so inspired growing up with tales of olive oil farming and harvesting told to him by his grandfather that he now manages his own olive oil production with his uncle in Burka, Palestine. In a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, they use ancient millstones to create one of the most raw and natural olive oils possible, preserving a heritage passed down through generations. For Marwan, each drop is more than just a product; it's a love letter to the past and a commitment to the future, honoring the essence of Burka’s ancient olive tree groves. 

Nestled in the scenic area of Nablus Governorate, Burka is a village embraced by rolling hills and adorned with ancient olive groves. Its roots date back to the Byzantine era and Early Muslim era. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Burka has been under Israel Occupation but continues to stay resilient. Burka's story, etched in olives and stone, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of this Palestinian community, showcasing strength and empowerment in the face of adversity. By preserving ancient extraction methods and continuing their family's olive oil production, Marwan and his uncle pay great homage to their Palestinian family's roots. 

Abed Oudi

Abed's dream of becoming an olive oil farmer unfolded into reality through his  dedication and tireless efforts to the trade. Delving into the intricacies of olive cultivation, he learned the art of nurturing, connecting to, and treating the trees with utmost care. Abed's commitment goes beyond his personal ambitions; he strives to share his knowledge, ensuring that anyone with a passion for the timeless tradition of olive farming, harvesting, and oil extraction can embark on the journey. He uses both traditional stone mill extraction methods, along with steel drum. For Abed, the town of Bazariya where he harvests his olives from is synonymous with the serene presence of the olive groves, a sentiment he holds dear and wouldn't trade for anything else. 
Nestled on Mount 'Ilan in the northern West Bank, Bazariya is a charming village that boasts a rich history dating back to the Byzantine era. Bazariya's unique past unfolds with echoes of the Crusader rule and a 19th-century Ottoman census, and the village's resilient spirit is evident in it maintaining its Muslim identity during the British Mandate. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, Bazariya has been under Israeli occupation. Today, with 91% of it designated as Area A (a Palestinian enclave), Bazariya continues to be a witness to history. 

 Naser Drawshi & Ghasan Khoury

Naser and Ghasan are the skilled farmers behind the olive oil known as Nazareth's Olive Oil, from Nazareth Palestine. Naser pours his passion into the very soil that nurtures his olives, and tending to the trees means everything to him. His cousin Ghasan navigates the intricacies of both stone mill and steel drum machinery, bringing knowledge, heart and soul to every batch. Together, they are a devoted duo, crafting each olive oil batch with unwavering dedication and expertise. Their pursuit of uniqueness and quality radiates through every drop, a testament to the artistry and harmony of these olive oil artisans. 
Located in the rolling hills of Galilee, the town of Nazareth tells a timeless story of history, religion, and olive oil mastery. Beyond its modern facade, Nazareth whispers tales of ancient streets where cobblestones remember footsteps from eras long past. It's a city of both deep history and faith, with strong ties to the stories of Jesus Christ. Today, Nazareth blends its biblical heritage with contemporary life. It is also known for the creation of some of the finest olive oil in Palestine.


We give our deepest respect and most sincere gratitude to these farmers, their knowledge, and their skill. We truly cannot wait for you to try one of our YFE x OO lotions, each one hand made with one of the above farmer's olive oil. You can truly feel how special each oil is, how much love is put into each harvest, and the uniqueness of each batch, and it's all thanks to these seven farmers. Thanks to Olive Odyssey for being the connector; sharing their stories to the world.  <3 
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