Meet the Crew!


As a sustainability activist living in Brooklyn, New York, Stevie has been living a zero waste lifestyle for 5 years and believes that every daily action is monumental to creating a better tomorrow. Influenced by growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she has always dedicated her zest of life to nature. With this all natural product, she strives to open up a bigger conversation about our choices affecting earth, conservation, and climate change.

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Sophie’s biggest passions in life are animals, art, and the environment. After moving to Brooklyn in May of 2018, she was feeling completely lost in her 9-5 job working for a large company and decided to explore other options to support her passions. It just so happened that long time family friend, Stevie, was looking for help with her newfound business.

Working with Stevie has been an absolute blessing, and Sophie’s love for the natural world around us grows stronger everyday. Sophie often times brings her assistant, Petunia the dog, to work. Petunia enjoys learning about the process of lotion making, and exploring every new place she goes. Our voices and opinions matter when it comes to climate change, and mindfully choosing sustainable products for day to day use is such a great way to get our voices heard!