Bamboo YAY Hairbrush
Bamboo YAY HairbrushBamboo YAY HairbrushBamboo YAY Hairbrush


YAY for bamboo!

Meet our new YAY brush! We spend a lot of time making sure each product we create is responsible and puts Mother Nature first, and Stevie really did her research to create the perfect eco-friendly brush.

The bamboo is solid with no fillers and comes from Zhejiang and Fujian provinces, where the government heavily manages the forests and helps local communities with jobs while protecting the mountainous area.

The bamboo is harvested by hands and not machines, and the rubber is all-natural, held together with toxic-free glue. A fully biodegradable, plastic-free brush! We’re so excited to share this brush with you! She’s nice and petite, measuring 9”x3”, so a great size for on the go as well.

Using a bamboo brush is gentle on your hair, with no leeching toxins and no afterlife in a landfill, and is necessary for proper growth, shine, conditioning, and unclogging pores! YAY!

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